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Since 2001, we have been involved in the development and manufacture of fan Evaporators and Condensers for the most diverse applications, such as: cold rooms, process rooms, freeze tunnels, commercial refrigerators and a range of equipment requiring heat exchange.

We dedicate special attention to the training and well-being of the people employed by the company, there by bolstering our internal system for continued improvement that is part of the very core of our organizational culture. Through constant investment in Research and Development, we truly live by our slogan: "Differences that anticipate the future". The central idea is to always be in the lead, offering the market innovations that genuinely translate as unique solutions for our customers.

Delta Frio Strategic Positioning


To be a company focused on innovative products, unexplored markets and excellent service.


To be the first to come to mind for clients thinking about innovation.


To be a profitable and ecologically correct company, generating internal opportunities for both personal and professional growth, offering the market innovative products and exclusive service, while fostering community pride.