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"To introduce something from the future to the present", this was the proposal that resulted in a new evaporator concept for commercial refrigeration, the EcoTurbo. Besides a bold and exclusive design, EcoTurbo is grounded on academic research and technological innovation.


With the goal of attaining refrigeration with greater speed and economy, Delta Frio spared no effort in the development of a complex and challenging design. The company relied on the collaboration of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul's Thermal and Aerodynamic Testing Laboratory, along with Laeromec, simulating the performance of the air flow generated by the fans and diffusers available in the market at that time, suggesting design improvements that allowed for the enhancement of the product's performance.

User Benefits

EcoTurbo provides users with highly significant benefits, such as better performance, ensuring the equipment reaches the desired temperature with greater efficiency and speed. The newly developed technology permits a considerable reduction in electricity consumption. It also ensures less dehydration of cooled products, which lose less weight, while conserving quality and appearance during storage in the cold room. The EcoTurbo constructive design provides convenience in installation, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.

New Outlet

Inspired by the principles of a airplane turbine, a vaneaxial system was developed, with redirection of the air flow, along with a new fan, improving aerodynamics. These two technologies resulted in a broader air sweep and increased air flow. This air flow direction optimization fostered a 75% reduction in outlet load loss, which represents an extremely important gain in terms of reducing energy consumption, increasing the service life of components and reducing noise, while also allowing for the use of a compact piece like the EcoTurbo in larger cold rooms, thus also optimizing physical space.

+ Greater Energy Savings
+ Better prepared for hot gas
+ More sustainable raw material
+ Increased heat resistance
+ Increased mechanical strength