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Kaizen week at Deltafrio

The project Brazil More Productive is an initiative of the Federal Government that aims to increase the productivity in productive processes of industrial companies in Brazil. Deltafrio was one of the pioneers companies of the project in 2015 and due to the positive results, in 2017 again participates in the program in search of continuous improvement. The government enters with a financial contribution of 80% of the value of the project and the company pays the remaining 20%. The program must be completed within a maximum period of 90 days with a total of 120 hours (20 hours of consultancies carried out by Senai and 100 hours of activities in the company) separated in the following 4 stages:

Preparation Step (Time 1) - During the phase of mapping of flow process (phase that prioritizes the identification of opportunities for improvement), were identified the difficulties between the beginning of the stamping process and the exit of the ready-made cores in the final assembly of Deltafrio.

Stage of Intervention (Time 2) - The focus of the intervention stage was to measure and record all activities performed in the bending of the copper tube, from the feeding of the machine with raw material, operator movement, Set Up of exchange of the tube pass 49 and pass 43, tube length adjustment, lubrication, etc. Following the intervention, a plan of action was set up (the resources needed to make the improvements in the Kaizen intervention week were defined). During Kaizen week (name related to continuous improvement), all necessary physical changes were made to the equipment. In Deltafrio adjustments were made such as: painting of trays, identification of tooling, changes in the measurement process, changes in the application of force on the machine and Lubrication alert optimization.

Monitoring Stage (Time 3) - Currently, Deltafrio is in the monitoring phase, following to the Conclusion Stage (Time 4) in which tests are being carried out based on the changes made and it is estimated an optimization of at least 20% in productivity of the machine and in the process time.

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