Wine conservation: learn about the best storage practices

The appreciation of a good wine depends not only on its brand or vintage, but also on the storage conditions of the beverage. Whether in a commercial establishment or in a home wine cellar, there are specific factors that must be considered in order to extend the quality of the wine, such as the control of temperature, light, humidity and noise. We have separated some tips for you to store the beverage correctly, without having major losses. Check it out!

One of the first factors that must be considered for the good conservation of a wine is the luminosity. The storage location must be dark and protected from any type of lighting. The continuous contact with light can considerably alter the wine's aroma and flavor. White wine is more sensitive to light than red wine, but both must be preserved from light. If you don't have a wine cellar, store the bottles in a box. Also take care for not moving the bottles a lot. Vibrations and movements might alter the taste of the wine. Avoid storing it near vibrating appliances and, once opened, do not store it in the refrigerator door, as it is the part of the appliance that most often moves.

The way the bottles are stored also interferes with maintaining the high quality of the wine. At first, this information may seem strange, but it is very important that the bottle is not stored upright. If the wine stays in this position for a long time, the cork does not come into contact with the liquid and can result in dehydration of the cork, allowing air to enter the bottle. The bottles that have screw caps are the only ones that can be stored upright.

If you are looking to have a good time accompanied by a quality wine, don't forget to pay attention to the temperature and humidity conditions. The ideal temperature variations for the conservation of the most different wines are between 17 and 18º C. However, some types need to be colder before serving, as is the case with whites and sparkling wines. A major villain in wine preservation is excessive moisture, which can lead to the development of fungus, culminating in an odor that penetrates the bottle and spoils the beverage. If the humidity is below 50%, the corks can dry and the drink ends up oxidizing and, above 80%, the labels will mold. The ideal, if you have a wine cellar, is to have the humidity control, keeping it between 60 and 70%.

If you are a wine lover and are looking for wine quality, purchasing a wine cellar for your home can be an important step. The cellars are made for storing the drink for short or long periods, allowing it to be within ideal conditions of temperature, light and humidity. Wine cellars can vary in their sizes and materials and will depend on the space you have available at home and your will in collecting labels.

Wine conservation for bars, restaurants and hotels

Have you ever heard of enogastronomy? The practice consists of harmonizing wines and foods, taking into account the olfactory and tasting characteristics of the drink combined with excellent dishes, of the best quality. Although it is understood by some as a luxury ritual, the practice has gained more and more followers and has been inserted in restaurants, hotels and bars. For the hotel chain, the increase of a good wine list can generate good sales, since many guests who choose more elaborate dishes, and of high prices, are also willing to pay for a good wine label. On the other hand, bars and restaurants need to make an evaluation of their customers in order to assemble and offer a wine list according to their audience, which may, in some cases, be a more compact menu, but that meets the demand.

If you have a commercial establishment and cultivate the practice of enogastronomy, or even have a simple wine list, it is essential to have a good cellar for their conservation, avoiding some risks. Maintaining loyal customers is the goal of any business and, therefore, it is important that the wines are stored in cellars, avoiding that the beverage loses its characteristics and doesn’t harmonize well with the dishes that will be served on the spot, in addition to resulting in a possible loss to your business.

Evaporator for wine cellars: excellence in wine conservation

Evaporators for climatized wine cellars ensure that you will drink the wine at the correct temperature, as adequate refrigeration is essential for the wine to present all of its characteristics to the consumer. White and sparkling wines should be drunk colder, as one of the characteristics expected of them is the freshness and acidity, which match well with the low temperature. Red wines should be drunk less cold than white wines, between 15 and 20ºC. If they are too cold, they end up losing aroma and if they get too hot, the exhalation of alcohol will be very strong, masking the other aromas.

Thinking of efficient solutions for the preservation of the beverage, Delta Frio created the evaporators for wine cellars, allowing the cooling of the wines to happen in the best way possible. If you are interested in investing in a quality wine cellar, contact us and learn more about our evaporators developed especially for the wine sector.

The evaporators for wine cellars are supplied in the blackstyle concept, which is in the same constructive model as the premium products, providing great strength and durability. In addition, they are provided with a 5-year guarantee. Check out also the cooling solution with the complete split, including the humidity control system.


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