Febrava 2019 and new times

It is known that the political and economic situation of the country has exposed brazilian manufacturing industries to unprecedented challenges, we from Deltafrio also felt the blow, but here we are, much more experienced, reenergized and ready for a NEW TIME.

Our history is full with content of overcoming and innovation, this has always been the genetic code of Deltafrio and will continue to be and it is with this spirit that we overcome the most challenging moments and follow our mission.

At this year's Febrava we participated exclusively in the “cold chain” Island, where we sought to present rationally and creatively some of the main differentials and solutions developed by the company.

We have made and are still making major impact improvements in our product lines and processes, bringing the company entirely to the highest quality standard.

The conviction that delivering a high standard product converges and provides the best benefit-cost ratio to the customer is what moves and motivates us, completing a set of attitudes that make up this NEW TIME.

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